What to Do When Your Dentures Don't Fit Right

Visit our office in Bangor, ME for a denture rebase

Does your denture still have the temporary reline in it that was put in a long time ago? Temporary relines attract bacteria, and can often look and smell bad.

While a denture reline provides a new surface inside the denture that touches your gums, a denture rebase involves replacing all of the pink base of the denture but saving and using the same teeth and is a great option. This is usually a one day procedure with one appointment in the morning and one in the afternoon at our in-house lab in Bangor, ME. A rebase gives you a brand new denture in one day using the teeth of your old denture, and is typically half the cost of a new denture or less.

What kind of denture rebase do you need?

  • Soft Rebase - A temporary lining that some dental offices call a rebase. However, this is temporary and WE strive to provide a more permanent solution.
  • Hard Rebase - A long-lasting solution that doesn't require a new fitting and results in maximum contact between the dentures and your mouth. This is the option we offer at our office.

Erickson's Denture Reline and Repair Center offers denture rebase appointments to patients in and around Bangor, ME. If you are having issues with your denture, a rebase may be the best option for you. Call 207-907-2500 now to learn more about the denture rebase process.

What are the benefits of denture rebase services?

Are you wondering if you need a denture rebase? This service is ideal for patients with broken dentures because...

  • It costs a fraction of the price of replacing the dentures
  • It will make your denture more stable in your mouth
  • It can reduce the risk of oral health issues caused by bad fitting dentures
We will walk you through the denture rebase process during your initial phone call. Reach out to our office today to speak with a member of our team.

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