What to Do When Your Dentures Are Cracked or Broken

Come to our office in Bangor, ME for denture repair services

If your dentures are damaged, it's more than just a cosmetic issue. Damaged dentures can cause serious, long-term oral health issues down the line. Erickson's Denture Reline and Repair Center offers denture repair services directly to patients in and around Bangor, ME. We'll fix your damaged dentures to prevent further complications that could affect your oral health - and we'll do it for a reasonable price directly in our lab here.

Dentures are not sent out to another city or country when you bring them to us. We perform all denture repairs at our in house lab in Bangor. Repairs are usually completed in 2-4 hours.


Don't try to repair your dentures yourself, especially with super glue or any type of adhesive. This type of do it yourself repair could make your denture impossible to fix. If you are experiencing an issue, please contact us today before trying to repair the denture yourself. We will assess the condition of your dentures and determine how to repair them.

We will assess the condition of your dentures and determine best how to repair them. Call 207-907-2500 now to schedule denture repair services.

Does your denture have a tooth missing?

Bring your denture to us and we can replace the missing tooth with a new one. If you still have the tooth that broke off from your denture, bring it with you and if we can use it this will give you the best color match.